Moldova Tourism Market Segmentation

Tourism Market Segmentation and Marketing Journey Profiling under the Second Competitiveness Enhancement Project (CEP II)

  • Client: Tourism Promotion Department of the Moldovan Investment Agency
  • Partners: Business Intelligence Services and Tatrabis
  • Project Duration: October 2020 - August 2021


The Republic of Moldova recognizes the considerable importance of tourism as an economic growth sector for the country and is prioritizing the competitiveness of the Moldovan tourism industry and its post-COVID recovery through the development of critical information to inform decision making.

Tourism can contribute directly to the economy and cultural protection of Moldova by attracting visitors to learn, participate, and support local businesses. Revenue from taxes and tourist activity revenues can be allocated specifically to improving marketing efforts and infrastructure, while tourism revenues for small enterprises can provide incentives to local communities to value and protect their cultural heritage and traditions.

In order to determine the interventions needed to put Moldova on the tourism map, it is critical to first develop a comprehensive understanding of the nature of current tourist demand to the country. The main objectives of this assignment are to conduct market research and segmentation to determine the outbound markets that have the most potential for growth in Moldova and help inform strategic interventions that can assist Moldova to attract investment and become a well-known tourism hub.

Major Activities:

  • Determine priority markets for detailed investigation through a rapid assessment of stakeholders
  • Identify a comprehensive list of market segments with both short and long-term potential and analyze their comparative value against a set of criteria
  • Conduct consumer market research on three priority markets through the administration of surveys
  • Develop a value chain analysis of the three priority segment to understand the end-to-end experience of travelers and assist entities within the tourism industry communicate and coordinate their processes more effectively
  • Employ a customer journey analysis to identify the expected journey that a tourist from each market would take to Moldova and identify any weaknesses at the destination level and beyond
  • Compile a set of recommended interventions to support the development of the market segments identified for Moldova

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