Workforce Development

Tourism is a people-oriented industry with the potential of providing jobs and income needed to revitalize local economies—particularly in developing countries. A major barrier to achieving the full potential of many destinations is a lack sufficient training options to build the capacity of their tourism professionals. A trained workforce with both theoretical and practical knowledge is necessary to provide service with the level of quality needed to attract travelers and properly develop a destination. Solimar provides these training services and has worked with a number of tourism training and support institutions around the world to build a team of trainers versed in the intricacies of destination management, tourism operations, guiding, and marketing. Solimar also offers various “train the trainers” courses and follow-up activities to ensure the tangible transfer of skills—and the knowledge of how to market these new skills.

Solimar has a history of providing quality training and education programs in countries around the world. Since we work exclusively in tourism development often funded by international development organizations, almost all of our programs tend to emphasize building local capacity in some form. Over the last 13 years Solimar has delivered sustainable tourism training to more than 5,000 people ranging from high-level government officials to members of local communities—including over 1,000 local guides.

We invite you to explore our more specialized training and education services below.

DMO Professional Development

Destination Management Organizations (DM0s) are often the best advocates for the collaborative management of tourism in a place. In this role they can ensure the mitigation of tourism’s negative impacts to the environment and local communities.

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SMTE Management & Operations

Tourism is a dynamic and service-driven industry, and to be successful small and medium-sized tourism enterprises (SMTEs) need to deliver great products and high-quality customer service. Whether it’s an immediate response to an email inquiry or offering an ice-cold drink in the middle of the desert – tourism operations can make or break a business.

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Visitor Voluntary Contribution Fee

Guide Training

Local nature guides act as cultural and conservation ambassadors to outside visitors, and are the foundation upon which most educational and engaging tourism experiences are built.

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Tourism Services Training

In addition to management and guides…the tourism enterprises that Solimar helps to establish or grow usually require additional training and technical assistance in whatever tourism products and services they may offer. These areas include food services (restaurants, cafes), lodging services (ecolodges, cabañas, homestays), transportation services (land and water-based) as well as crafts production.

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Renewable Energy in Tourism

Sustainable Tourism Criteria Training

While the use of the word “sustainability” is becoming more commonplace within the tourism industry, understanding exactly how it can be achieved remains a challenge.

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Marketing Training

Marketing is human-driven. Successful marketing teams are comprised of people who can think quickly and creatively—and communicate strategically.

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“We rely confidently on Solimar's deep technical experience and professionalism as tourism consultants. You always are exceeding our expectations.”
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