DMO Professional Development

Destination Management Organizations (DM0s) are often the best advocates for the collaborative management of tourism in a place. In this role they can ensure the mitigation of tourism’s negative impacts to the environment and local communities.

A DMO can help facilitate a dialogue among the private sector, public sector, and other stakeholders that may otherwise never collaborate—as well as help to avoid duplication of effort with regards to promotion, visitor services, training, business support and identify any management gaps that are not being addressed.

DMO staff often come from a variety of professional backgrounds, bringing a wide range of perspectives and experiences to help the organization and destination flourish. It is important that these staff members are trained to understand what a DMO does, how it assists tourism destinations, the importance of capacity building and stakeholder engagement, and more. Solimar offers an exciting self-paced DMO Professional Development program to take your DMO staff courses designed to help them become skillful leader in tourism management and marketing.

The cost of registering for this program is $395, good for access to the online learning platform for one person for one year. If you or your DMO are interested in a more involved program that includes live sessions and feedback with the Solimar staff and guidance from industry experts over 16 weeks, Solimar also offers this program for entire DMO staff to follow along and develop the organization to its absolute best.

You can purchase access to the course materials immediately here, valid for a single person for one year, or you can join the waitlist for DMOs to go through the full online course. Current courses for the summer are running with a dozen DMOs in Armenia and Georgia. The next course will begin online in the Fall of 2020. More details on the course are on the DMO Development program page.

Project Examples

  • Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Development Toolkit

    Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Development Toolkit

    Starting a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Guide and Toolkit
  • Republic of Georgia DMO Development Course

    Republic of Georgia DMO Development Course

    A four month online professional and organizational development program designed to help transition Georgian DMOs into a financially sustainable and impactful organization that leads the destination’s successful development, marketing, management, and research efforts for their destination regions.

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