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Tourism is a dynamic and service-driven industry, and to be successful tourism enterprises need to deliver great products and high-quality customer service. Whether it’s an immediate response to an email inquiry or offering an ice-cold drink in the middle of the desert – tourism operations can make or break a business.

Many tourism projects tend to focus on the initial stages of a business development such as assessment, planning and investment. Although critical first steps, such projects often lack the tools or expertise to build the capacity of local partners to actually manage and grow tourism enterprises. Without empowering local partners effectively to run a business, they often fail.

Solimar’s Tourism Operations and Management training program attempts to fill that void by teaching tourism entrepreneurs the day-to-day tasks of managing money, staff and clients. Whether establishing operations and management procedures for a new tourism enterprise or helping an existing one that is struggling, this program focuses on the “nuts & bolts” of running a small business.

The Tourism Operations and Management program is centered around a comprehensive curriculum that can be delivered in person or via online webinars that introduces core tourism operations principles and practices to the local staff responsible for managing the business. With a focus on practical, relevant, and user-friendly tools – the program helps each participant build a customized “Operations Manual” through the course of the training. Once back at their site, the course (and the Operations Manual) helps local managers coordinate everything from reservation and payment systems to tour logistics and financial procedures

What to Expect

  • Thought Leaders – Nearly two decades of experience working hands-on with micro, small and medium sized tourism enterprises (MSMEs), particularly in developing countries, to establish or improve operations and management.
  • Comprehensive training program – Solimar delivers our training programs either in-person or online – that addresses all aspects of managing tourism MSMEs including:
    • Financial procedures (e.g. payments, financial documentation, basic accounting)
    • Financial planning (e.g. annual budgeting, profit sharing)
    • Human resources (e.g. job descriptions, staff training, checklists)
    • Tour procedures (e.g. emergency planning, equipment management)
    • Client management (e.g. reservations, client surveys, waivers)
    • Sustainability best practices and standards
    • Legal issues, policies and contracts
    • Communications
  • Operations Manual – Solimar will create a customized “Operations Manual” for every participating manager, unique to their MSME, that documents the various principles and procedures taught during the course.
  • Long-Term Support – We provide the critical follow-up with course participants to ensure effectiveness, whether by Solimar staff or through on-site “mentors” (e.g. partner tour operators, supporting NGOs, long-term volunteers) that help managers implement the operations and management practices explored throughout the training.

Project Examples

  • Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

    Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

    Strengthening sustainable tourism and promoting biodiversity conservation in the Bolivian Amazon.
  • Ecuador


    Improving tourism and conservation practices and increasing community participation and benefits from sustainable tourism in Ecuador's protected areas
  • Jamaica Community Experiences

    Jamaica Community Experiences

    Consultancy Firm to Provide Marketing and Promotional Services for Rural Community Enterprises

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    “We rely confidently on Solimar's deep technical experience and professionalism as tourism consultants. You always are exceeding our expectations.”
    Leila Calnan, Senior Manager, Tourism Services Cardno Emerging Markets

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