Tourism Services Training

In addition to management and guides…the tourism enterprises that Solimar helps to establish or grow usually require additional training and technical assistance in whatever tourism products and services they may offer. These areas include food services (restaurants, cafes), lodging services (ecolodges, cabañas, homestays), transportation services (land and water-based) as well as crafts production.

All of these individual tourism products and services require training and technical assistance as unique as the experiences themselves. To meet these needs, Solimar has developed individual “Tourism Services” training modules that empower local partners with the knowledge and expertise they need to successfully deliver a high-quality visitor experience.

Food Services Module: Planning for food services begins with designing a menu that reflects local culinary traditions, yet recognizes and meets the expectations of international clientele. Solimar’s food services planning also includes costing and pricing out meals, developing job descriptions, and emergency planning for various food-related scenarios. Training focuses on food preparation (cooking, presentation, hygienic considerations), serving, and overall customer service. The training module also considers best practices such as managing waste, water and electricity related to food services.

Lodging Services Module: Planning for lodging services begins with selecting a site and developing initial architectural concepts that incorporate local design elements, utilize sustainable building materials and focus on green building techniques. Environmental impact assessments are completed and the required licenses and permits are acquired. Detailed architectural drawings and construction work plans that guide the building process are created. Leading up to the opening, lodging personnel – from property managers to support staff – are hired and trained and clear management and operation procedures are defined and documented to guide the day-to-day activities of the lodging staff.

Transportation Services Module: Solimar’s approach to transportation services training includes both land and water-based transportation and focuses on comfort, safety and best practices. Training modules include safe driving techniques, emergency planning and developing “checklists” that ensure transportation providers are prepared for any scenario. Transportation best practices include techniques to reduce environmental impacts – particular in fragile ecosystems – of land and water-based transportation services.

Crafts Production: The production and sale of local crafts is a great way to distribute the benefits of tourism not only to a large number of local beneficiaries, but also to priority groups such as women, elders and those with disabilities. Solimar has worked on a number of crafts production projects, and understands the subtleties and complexities of producing high-quality crafts that can be sold via in-country as well as international sales channels. Crafts production planning begins with a thorough assessment of ever-changing market trends and demand, creates an initial line of products that blend traditional designs with modern-day demand and applications, and develops financial projections that consider production and sales costs. Crafts production training focuses on establishing and maintaining quality standards. Crafts marketing and sales consider product presentation (whether in stores or via sales catalogs and websites), in-country sales networks as well as distribution through international sales partners.

What to Expect

  • A well-documented end-to-end approach that covers tourism services assessment, planning, training, operations and sales.
  • Extensive knowledge of the expectations of international travelers and tourism industry partners and market trends when it comes to food, lodging, transportation and crafts production.

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