Jamaica Community Experiences

Consultancy Firm to Provide Marketing and Promotional Services for Rural Community Enterprises

  • Client: Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
  • Partners: Government of Jamaica, Jamaica Tourism Board (JTB), Jamaica Product Development Company (JPDco)
  • Project Duration: August 2015 – December 2018

Project Description 

In 2015, Solimar assisted the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), Government of Jamaica and the tourism industry to develop a fresh brand identity “Jamaica Community Experiences” and promotional materials that are able to convey the country’s wealth of community-based attractions.  The community tourism enterprises (CTEs) that were promoted under this project are groups of rural people with common economic interests (i.e. farmers, fishermen, agro-processors, craft producers) who have organized themselves to carry out business activities across the island.  In the development of this new brand, Solimar provided an overall look and feel, new promotional materials such as videos, brochures, high quality digital images as well as strategic marketing plans and training.

In 2018, to further the development of the Jamaica Community Experiences brand, JSIF contracted Solimar and Small Planet Consulting to provide business mentoring, sales and marketing management services to the eight community-based enterprises. During this phase, the team is developing a strategic business management and marketing plan for each CTE focused on improving the business’s online presence through social media platforms. Solimar will also help facilitate bookings of the CTEs through an online reservation systems and establishing partnerships with third party distribution channels. 

Major Activities

  • Undertook brand research and product assessments to develop a creative brief for the Jamaican community tourism products
  • Created the brand platform, brand guidelines and communications tools (including a multi-page brochure and four short videos) to articulate and implement Jamaica’s community tourism brand promise
  • Introduced the new brand to cluster members and key partners, and built their capacity to adopt and apply the brand identity to market community tourism
  • Develop abbreviated business plans for each CTE that outlines product descriptions, pricing, marketing activities, and sales/distribution channels
  • Assist each CTE to improve both their printed and online marketing and sales materials and listings
  • Develop an online training course that will allow each CTE to understand how to effectively use social media


  • Built awareness of community tourism in Jamaica
  • Established and launched the Jamaica Community Experiences Brand in September 2016
  • Developed Jamaica’s community tourism marketing strategy and position Jamaica as a community tourism destination
  • Developed effective, low-cost to implement communication tools that Jamaica and the eight CTE’s supported by JSIF can use immediately to communicate with and attract the markets, funders and stakeholders including:
    • Four, 45-60 second promotional video showcasing the Jamaica four core themes of community tourism experiences and featuring eight JSIF-supported enterprises
    • Design and content of a multi-page brochure showcasing the Jamaica community tourism experience and featuring the 8 JSIF-supported enterprises.
    • Four posters featuring the core community tourism themes
    • High-quality digital images
    • Establishment of Trip Advisor and Facebook accounts for 8 CTEs, including unique Facebook cover images, and designs 20 Facebook ads
    • Developed Jamaica’s community tourism marketing strategy and position Jamaica as a community tourism destination
  • An improved online presence, visibility and use of social media among the CTEs
  • Improved integration of community tourism marketing into the overall marketing efforts of the Jamaica Tourism Board
  • An established online reservation and payment system to facilitate bookings for community tourism enterprises
  • Improved packaging and new sales and distribution channels for the CTEs
  • Training and planning for the overall sustainability of the CTEs

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