Great Himalaya Trails

Ensuring the effective and efficient online promotion of trekking in Nepal.

  • Client: Samarth-NMDP (Nepal Market Development Program)
  • Partners: Adam Smith International
  • Project Duration: August 2014 - December 2017

Project Description

About 40% of Nepalis live in poverty, many of these people in rural areas. Tourism in this country can be a way out of poverty and the DIFID funded Samarth-NMDP is working on several interventions to support that transition. Tourism has a long history in Nepal and the. Country benefits from having several icons, like Everest and Annapurna, that are on many travelers bucket lists- but it also has many other remarkable trekking destinations that are less sought after by international tourists. This project focused on supporting the marketing of these areas, through the framework of the Great Himalaya Trail, a 1700km trek that stretches from one end of the Nepali Himalayas to the other.

Trekking here has vast potential as an adventure tourism product in both traditional and new markets. Roughly 27% of all international visitors to Nepal engage in trekking, contributing to high levels of in-country spending and direct income for locals. During peak season, existing trekking areas are full. However, there is potential to increase off-season arrivals and develop new, low-altitude treks to create steady, year-round income for Nepal’s rural poor. Destination marketing and promotion were the focus of this plan. Previously, an Internet platform which promotes trade and trekking along the Great Himalayan Trail (GHT),, served as the main hub for the GHT brand and is owned and operated by a private holder. This project installed another legal entity to take over the website and train the new holder on effective and efficient promotion of trekking in Nepal.

Major Activities

  • Assess the strength and weaknesses of the current platform – research and create a comprehensive report which details the strengths and weaknesses of the website, including analysis of social media links.
  • Completion of an in-country assessment – an investigation into possible entities who could take over as host of the website will be completed. An assessment of several potential financial and management models will be completed as well.
  • Identify technical and content requirements of the website and each social media platform – The most effective assets and its social media platforms were identified and recommendations for new content development compiled.
  • Create a business plan – Solimar create a detailed business plan for the transition and management of the website based on the model selected after the in-country assessment is completed.


  • Identified and supported a new legal entity to take over development, expansion, and maintenance of the website in line with the goal of spurring international visitors to trek in Nepal


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