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Solimar is delighted to congratulate SEE Turtles for their recent winning of the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Changemakers Award at the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards ceremony. The Awards, now in their 15th year, took place at a special ceremony during the WTTC Global Summit in Seville, Spain, to celebrate inspirational, world-changing tourism initiatives from around the globe. President Barack Obama served as the keynote speaker this year citing the importance of meaningful travel and how it can build bridges of cultural understanding and acceptance.

New to 2019, the Changemakers Award is for a Travel & Tourism organization which has made real, positive and impactful change in a specific area of focus defined by WTTC. While the focus will change each year, the award in 2019 focused on fighting the illegal wildlife trade through tourism.

SEE Turtles is operates sea turtle conservation and volunteer programs throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Six of seven species of sea turtles are endangered due to the trade in their eggs, meat and shells. Since 2008, by unifying on-the-ground efforts to protect sea turtles throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, SEE Turtles has saved 1.7 million hatchlings and educated over 10 million people in preventing turtle shell trade. The success of the organization is due to the tireless efforts of its co-founder and president, Brad Nahill. Solimar is proud to be a small part of the SEE Turtles story through our assistance in writing a business plan to support its formation in 2008.

Please click here to learn more about how SEE Turtles works to protect sea turtles and how you can support their efforts.



The World Heritage Journeys of Europe Website was recently nominated for a Webby Award, recognizing the travel site for its excellence by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a judging body composed of over two thousand industry experts and technology innovators.

Developed through our program with UNESCO and National Geographic, this innovative website is the first UNESCO platform promoting sustainable travel to World Heritage sites. The goal is to guide travelers to the most unique and authentic World Heritage experiences recommended by local experts and curated by National Geographic.

Voting is open until Thursday, April 18th so please click here to vote!

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