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Spring 2022 Destination Development and Destination Marketing Internship

We recently kicked off our Spring 2022 Destination Development and Destination Marketing Internship cohort, working with 18 of the most talented budding tourism professionals from around the world. Our interns are from 12 different countries (such as China, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, and more) and live, study, and work spread across the globe.

Spring 2022 Destination Development and Destination Marketing Internship

Each season, we are amazed at the vast talent and promise our interns share, and this semester was certainly no exception. We received a record-breaking number of applications for this cohort, and have selected the most qualified candidates. These ambitious professionals are joining some of our projects and helping with communications campaigns, DMO development, research, and content writing. They are working on our projects around the world from supporting Friends of Wallacea in Guyana, to Liberia, to Timor-Leste, New Hampshire, and beyond!

Without further ado, get to know the spring 2022 intern cohort and discover the amazing skills that make each one of them unique and talented.

Meet our Spring 2022 Destination Development and Destination Marketing Interns

Destination marketing internship

Eliot Heiss – has significant experience with journalism and communications, as he hosts his own podcast! He has studied in different countries, including Canada and Austria. His degrees are in Political Science, with a specialization in international relations and environmental politics.

Jess Moore – has extensive experience in the field of tourism, with over 19 years working in the field. Her background is in Leisure Studies, and she has dedicated a big part of her career to working on luxury tourism. She has recently discovered a passion for sustainable tourism and wants to use her career to generate an impact.

Hannah Lambert – is incredibly passionate about adventure tourism and sustainability. She is an avid traveler and she is currently traveling through Asia teaching English. Her studies are in Natural Resource Tourism with a minor in Business Administration. Hannah is excited to see her work have an impact on the world.

Kylie Blank – is a junior at Cornell University. She is Majoring in Hotel Administration and minoring in Sustainable Business and Economic Policy. Kylie was inspired to take this internship to gain knowledge in the area of sustainability. She hopes to apply this knowledge into the area of hotel management that she has been actively involved in for many years.

Thomas Kalchik – is an experienced young professional. Most recently, he has been involved in social responsibility in hotel chains and other types of non-profit work related to the tourism industry. He is extremely passionate about the power of tourism and wants to bring people together through travel.

Kim Sucré – looking out for the best study and research experience, Kim has adventured herself to study abroad in the UK and Italy. Her degree is in International Tourism Management, and her passions involve foreign cultures and languages. She is a member of her city’s Council for local tourism development, and she wants to continue to work in tourism development. She has already been applying her vast knowledge of tour planning and development to the Destination Marketing Internship!

Asfar Ahmad – is from Bangladesh but is currently based in Copenhagen, where he is completing his Master’s in Tourism. Asfar is looking forward to contributing with the projects and is hoping that his time with Solimar will boost his career.

Célia Hulin – has strong experience working with a DMC in Myanmar for over five years. She is ambitious and is completing her second Master’s in Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Most recently, her interests have been focused on working directly with local communities.

Emma Barfus – has lived in multiple places across the United States, which enticed her interest to explore the world. She is currently finishing her degree in international studies. Emma believes that her time in Solimar will give her the tools to become a better professional in the future.

Adam Pudi Luddy – is an activist with a degree in Tourism Business. He is moved by issues such as inequality, human rights, climate change, gender, people empowerment, and poverty alleviation. Adam wishes to address these social issues through tourism and become a sustainable tourism specialist.

Alexandria Kleinschmidt – is passionate about earth science, and she graduated in Geological science from Boston College. She spent two years teaching English in Germany. During her time abroad, she was able to rekindle her passion for cultural and nature tourism, which led her to explore all continents on earth.

Antony Noyes – is very proud of his Japanese, Filipino, and Swedish heritage. Raised in San Francisco, he made sure to keep his family traditions alive by cooking traditional food and spending lots of time outdoors. Antony is very keen on sustainable tourism and is eager to help develop the World Heritage Journeys Silk Road project.

Janis Rehme – is a skilled and experienced young professional in the areas of customer service and event management. He is currently studying International Tourism Management in the Netherlands where he balances his studies with his passion for traveling, exploring nature and meeting new people.

Nina Wang – is based in Hong Kong, where she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Sustainable Tourism. She is passionate about exploring different cultures and being around nature. She hopes to contribute to sustainable tourism and envisions her internship at Solimar as a way of doing so.

Greta Dallan – has recently finished her Master’s in International Tourism Management at the University of Surrey. She is well traveled and eager to learn more about sustainable tourism and destination marketing and management. Her career goal is to improve the state of tourism in Italy, her home country.

Lisa Elmes-Bosshard – was born on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. She has dedicated her life to the tourism industry, an industry in which she has occupied different positions throughout her career. She has traveled the world, from the Caribbean all the way through to Nepal. Now, Lisa dedicates her days to pursuing a Master’s in Sustainable Tourism studies at George Washington University. Her skills make her an ideal Destination Marketing Intern.

Jessica Pool – has great experience living abroad. She has lived in six countries in the last two years. She is currently pursuing an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree in Latin American studies. Jessica strongly believes that tourism has the potential to improve life in communities if properly managed.

Caitlyn Marentette – is an undergraduate majoring in South Asia Studies. Her research interests center around the history of colonialism in modern India, Pakistan, linguistic diversity in South Asia, and the Gunpowder Empires. Caitlyn has been an editorial intern for an academic publishing journal for the last year and a half. After graduating, she hopes to continue her studies, pursuing a career in academic research on modern South Asia.

two Destination Development and Destination Marketing interns talking about strategy

Did you enjoy reading about our interns? You can read their full bios here. If you have similar interests in gaining real world tourism experience, visit our internship information page and join our next season of virtual interns!

Solimar International tunisia tourism desert

Kicking off 2022 in New Destinations

Happy new year! As with nearly everyone in the tourism industry, the past two years have been filled with uncertainty for Solimar International. With the volatility of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was uncertain when and if the world would open for travel again. Fortunately, we find ourselves entering 2022 as busy as ever and excited to work in a number of new destinations around the world.

Highlights of several of Solimar International’s 2022 projects include:

1. UNESCO World Heritage Journeys Silk Road

Looking to highlight precious UNESCO World Heritage sites across Central Asia, Solimar is working towards sustainable tourism development of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in six Central Asian countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iran, and Turkmenistan. Working closely with stakeholders from these countries, we are promoting a series of workshops to assure sustainable governance, conservation and promotion of cultural and natural heritage sites. The knowledge will be synthesized and promoted to the public in a website that will feature top aspects of each destination and local attractions. To supplement these detailed learning courses, we have brought several tourism experts to be guest interviewed. This expands upon the work we did to create World Heritage Journeys in Europe and South Asia. Stay tuned for our Silk Road site launch and start planning your trip to Central Asia!

Solimar International uzbekistan tourism project showing islamic architecture

2. Visit Tunisia

Our new Visit Tunisia project aims to increase Tunisia’s tourism competitiveness profile and establish the country as a promising destination by highlighting its cultural heritage, history and rich natural resources. Working closely with the Ministry of Tourism, Solimar is working to develop strategic planning, branding, and tourism products, including events, local businesses and festivals. The project aims to develop areas of the country where tourism is not well established yet. Working together with the public and private sector, fostering sustainable tourism innovation, encouraging new technologies, and stimulating women and youth entrepreneurship will be key factors to the project’s success.

Solimar International tunisia tourism desert

3. Colorado CRAFT

This project, in partnership with Colorado Rural Academy for Tourism (CRAFT), was launched to assist Colorado’s recovery after COVID-19. It consists of a series of workshops, consultancies and action plans to restart the destinations, restart industry associations and reimagine tourism in the destinations. One of the most unique parts of this project is the constant contact with the local community and working together with different stakeholders to establish what is the best way to build a better future for tourism in Colorado. Solimar has a history with this destination through our Lewis and Clark projects so it is good to be present in such crucial moments and help develop a strategy that will benefit the community.


4. Tourism Marketing Services for Friends of Wallacea

Have you ever wanted to participate in a unique tourism experience that has real impacts on conservation in one of the world’s most wild places?, venturing down a river deep into Guyana’s pristine rainforests to stay with an indigenous group? Now is your chance! We are working with world renowned tourism for conservation group Friends of Wallacea to bring their Warapoka, Guyana tour to market. Throughout 2022, they are offering incredibly unique opportunities to take conservation minded tourists on a truly unforgettable experience found nowhere else in the world.


5. UNESCO World Heritage Journeys Visit Khiva

This project, in partnership with UNESCO, aims to promote cultural tourism in the city of Khiva in Uzbekistan. The city had an increase in tourism flows in 2018 and 2019, which grew stakeholder’s interest and community involvement in tourism related activities. Unfortunately, after COVID struck, the destination observed a decrease in tourism activities. In order to recreate the momentum Uzbekistan was building in 2018, UNESCO partnered with Solimar to help rebuild the tourism sector in Khiva. The involvement of various stakeholders will be essential as we develop a destination marketing brand, website, and marketing program.


6. Development of a Regional Ecotourism Development Plan for the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia

Ecotourism is an important product for Cambodia, as it has the power to harness growth in rural communities, diminish overtourism in urban centers, and improve income opportunities in rural areas. With this in mind, Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment in partnership with Solimar and Emerging360 has invested in research that will help the country develop a plan for ecotourism in the Cardamom mountains. The project will consist of building a six-year Regional Ecotourism Development Plan for three priority destinations that are to be developed as hubs for ecotourism in the country. Solimar’s role will be to assist in detailed desk research about the country’s ecotourism, research on tourism products, and conduct workshops/ interviews to better understand local needs.


7. USAID Republic of the Congo

With a more financial and economic side, this project aims to assess potential development and investment opportunities in the Republic of Congo. It aims to follow an innovative approach of adaptability according to different phases of implementation. Solimar’s role will be to create a bridge between the tourism industry in the Republic of Congo and international investors, mobilizing experts in ecotourism to help build a sustainable tourism background and develop a National Tourism Strategy. We will also play an essential role in creating links between the private sector, national government, and local communities to identify the country’s touristic potential and improve regulations that will allow the development of sustainable tourism.

Solimar International project tourism republic of congo


8. USAID Liberia Conservation Works

With the primary focus on conserving biodiversity and enabling sustainable economic growth, this project aims to engage the communities in the management of protected areas in Liberia. With an innovative approach, Solimar, USAID and various partners in the field of development and conservation, want to build an easily replicable model that will promote ecosystem and species protection, facilitate equity, and increase prosperity and local ownership. This will be done through the development of a business and investment environment in the country, building tourism infrastructure and supporting activities related to the management of protected areas. We recognize the important role that tourism plays in environmental protection. Because of that, we are working towards building a path that will lead to effective policies, helping tourism maximize its potential.


9. New Hampshire Sugar River Region

With its newly established Sugar River Region Destination Council (SRRDC), Sullivan County in New Hampshire is seeking to position its regional offerings as a growing destination for the US market. With its vast experience in building DMOs, Solimar will work closely with the SRRDC and students from local universities for capacity building. The project will take place through various workshops that will display best practices from DMOs from the US and abroad.


10. USAID Bangladesh Ecotourism and Conservation Alliance

The Sundarbans forest is an ecosystem that is essential for local livelihoods and culture. The importance of the Sundarbans is recognized on a global scale, as it is the world’s largest remaining mangrove forest. The lack of regulation in touristic activity in the region has resulted in diminishing biodiversity and negative impacts against the life of fisherman who depend on this ecosystem for subsistence. Keeping this in mind, Solimar and USAID are working to build lower impact tourism in the region by mapping sites that require interventions, creating strategic plans to increase visitation, establishing a DMO and conducting campaigns that promote conservation. To achieve this, we will work closely with both the public and private sector to secure investments.

Solimar international Sundarbans project



Solimar International is proud to be a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration oon Climate Action in Tourism

Solimar International is proud to be a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism.

The world’s dependence on fossil fuels, unsustainable land use, and wasteful consumption patterns drive climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. Rebalancing the relationship with nature is critical to regenerating both its ecological health and our personal, social and economic well-being. It is also critical for tourism, which relies on and connects humans with flourishing ecosystems. 

As a leading sustainable travel consulting and marketing firm, Solimar International has engaged with over 300 destinations and community leaders around the world to develop tourism-based initiatives that support communities and conservation. The local communities that we work with are on the front lines of climate change: contributing least to the crisis, they are facing the worst consequences. We are committed to helping these communities adapt, mitigate, and transform in the face of these impacts—from promoting regenerative tourism that centers community and nature first, to guiding tourism businesses in adopting nature-based solutions—and we call on the countries and parties present at COP26 to do the same. Our planet cannot wait.

solimar international aligns our plans with the five pathways of the Glasgow Declaration to accelerate and co-ordinate climate action in tourism

How do Solimar’s activities reinforce our commitment to sustainable tourism?

Solimar International has long been working on the tourism development projects tackling challenges within sustainable tourism development, regenerative tourism, climate resilience, community-based tourism, cultural heritage, nature conservation, and more. So it was a natural thing for Solimar to join The Glasgow Declaration to stand next to some of the most influential organizations in the sector to fight climate change.

The Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism was officially launched on November 4, 2021 at the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference. The aim of the pledge is to raise the climate ambition of tourism stakeholders and secure strong actions to support the global commitment to halve emissions by 2030 and reach Net Zero as soon as possible before 2050. Transforming tourism through climate action is crucial for the sector’s competitiveness, sustainability and resilience.

The intent of the Glasgow Declaration is to urge all travel and tourism stakeholders to unite and commit to aligning the sector’s climate ambitions with scientific recommendations and international agreements.

By defining a clear and consistent sector-wide message and scientific approach to climate action; outlining the pathways and specific actions that will accelerate tourism’s ability to transform tourism and achieve Net Zero and encouraging signatories across all sectors of tourism to demonstrate their public support for scaling up the sector’s response to the climate emergency the Glasgow Declaration intends to intensify the attention to climate action in tourism industry.

The Declaration aims to:

  • Define a clear and consistent sector-wide message and approach to climate action in the coming decade, aligned with the wider scientific framework and urgency to act now. 
  • Outline the pathways and specific actions that will accelerate tourism’s ability to transform tourism and achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible. 
  • Encourage signatories across the tourism industry to demonstrate their public support for scaling up the sector’s response to the climate emergency

The signatories of the Glasgow Declaration agree on five shared pathways to ensure climate action is aligned across all of the tourism sector:

  1. Measure: Measure and disclose all travel and tourism-related emissions;
  2. Decarbonise: Set and deliver science-based targets to accelerate tourism’s decarbonisation;
  3. Regenerate: Restore and protect ecosystems, supporting nature’s ability to draw down carbon, as well as safeguarding biodiversity, food security, and water supply;
  4. Collaborate: Share evidence of risks and solutions with all stakeholders and our guests, and work together to ensure our plans are as effective and co-ordinated as possible;
  5. Finance: Ensure organizational resources and capacity are sufficient to meet objectives set out in climate plans.

Solimar International supports the global commitment to halve emissionns by 2030 and reach net zero as soon as possible before 2050

All the signatories pledge to commit to joining the climate action:

“We declare our shared commitment to unite all stakeholders in transforming tourism to deliver effective climate action. We support the global commitment to halve emissions by 2030 and reach Net Zero as soon as possible before 2050. We will consistently align our actions with the latest scientific recommendations, so as to ensure our approach remains consistent with a rise of no more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels by 2100.

See the list of signatories here.

Solimar International is proud to be a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration oon Climate Action in Tourism

Meet Solimar International's Fall 2021 sustainable tourism and destination marketing interns graphic

Meet the future of the Sustainable Tourism Industry

Solimar currently has a record number of projects – 22 – spanning the world from Armenia to Guyana to Timor-Leste. Three times per year, we run a virtual internship program, connecting with talented young professionals with a passion for sustainable tourism, conservation, and international development. This program is designed to give young professionals real-world experience to give them insight in our industry. Through blog writing, translation, research and graphic design, they meaningfully contribute to our work. Each semester, we receive dozens of applications. Through a rigorous selection process analyzing each individual’s unique talents and passions, we finalize a cohort. Eighteen diverse interns living in seven countries were selected to join Solimar’s Fall 2021 sustainable tourism internship cohort. 

Meet our fall 2021 sustainable tourism interns:

Jonathan Atari has traveled and lived in different countries around the globe for several years, occasionally in not yet-well-known locations, experiencing them in unique ways. Through traveling, he believes, one learns to appreciate the diversity within our society, and discovers meaningful connections to people and landscapes alike. He recently graduated from Ben Gurion university, Israel, with a bachelor in Sociology-Anthropology and African Studies, awarded with several excellence prizes. Currently, he lives in Austria with his partner and 2 kids. Alongside his studies he worked as a research assistant in Birthright groups, responsible for gathering empirical data from the participants and evaluating the tour operators, as well as a photographer. Previously he worked in hospitality at Refuge de l’Oule, located amid the French Pyrenees. He sees in-depth context-aware research crucial to creating sustainable solutions in the tourism industry. Next year he aims to start a European master’s degree in tourism development and culture on his path to becoming a responsible tourism practitioner.

Jonathan Atari, Fall 2021 intern at Solimar International


Cate Enrooth is a first year graduate student at the Truman School of Government and Public Affairs at the University of Missouri where she is focusing on environmental policy. She graduated from the University of Missouri last Spring with her B.A. in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication and a minor in Business. Cate is passionate about the environment and is excited to learn more about the sustainable tourism industry through Solimar International. 

Cate Enrooth, Fall 2021 intern at Solimar International

Yassmine Esteitie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture and later went on to pursue her MBA at the American University of Beirut. She worked on a joint venture with UNDP and ENPI on a Landscape Character and Risk Assessment project, where she engaged with stakeholders and held training seminars in sustainable land assessment. Later on, she joined Dar Al Handasah, a global engineering consultancy firm, as a landscape architect. At the firm, she was involved in developing concepts, implementing sustainable strategies, and enforcing landscape architecture principles through place-making. She is heavily involved in the conceptual side of projects as she is the Creative Lead for infographics and story-telling. As she is passionate about the environment and sustainability, Yassmine is certified as a LEED GA (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Associate) and SITES AP (Sustainable Sites Accredited Professional) by USGBC. Yassmine serves as our graphic design intern, assisting all of our projects with quality design.

Yassmine Esteitie sustainable tourism intern solimar international  

Originally from Southern California, Stephanie Gerson loved the sun but not the smog so left for college to beautiful Monterey. She received her Bachelors in Global Studies and a minor in Business as well as studied abroad in Rome, Italy. After college she stayed in Monterey to work in the hospitality industry, eventually becoming assistant manager at the local hostel. This experience led her to partner with the local DMO and city tourism office and where she learned the importance of community based tourism and sustainable tourism.  At this time, she married a Marine who took her to Sierra Vista, AZ where her career path was put on pause but travels began. During this time she traveled to more than 20 states, 9 countries, and extensively over the SouthWest over a 3 year period. In addition to her travels, she still found time to sit on the spouse’s club board, as well as get a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Grant Writing. From the desert, she went to North Carolina where she worked for AAA as a Travel Agent, giving her a different look at tourism sales. Presently, she is in Stuttgart, Germany with her husband and two young children where she is on the board of a military non-profit and volunteers for the Military Spouses Chamber of Commerce. She also recently received a Certificate of Sustainable Tourism Management through GWU, with the intent to move into the tourism planning and consulting field.

Stephanie Gerson, intern at Solimar International

Daniel Segura is an undergraduate student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University studying Environmental Policy and Planning, and working towards a master’s in Urban and Regional Planning. Traveling the world and experiencing new cultures was something that was greatly emphasized to him as a child since his parents were first-generation immigrants, and weren’t afforded those same opportunities growing up. He hopes that this experience will add to his team-oriented abilities and show him a different aspect of creating a sustainable life. Eventually, he hopes to use the specialized knowledge he gains here in an urban land planning/management career. 

Daniel Segura, intern at Solimar International

Zane Hartog is currently a first-year graduate student at University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy focusing on International Security and Economic Policy.  Originally from Vero Beach, Florida, Zane has accumulated a wealth of experience studying and working with NGO development and sustainability in Central America and the Caucasus region.  He served as a TEFL teacher and Community Development liaison with the United States Peace Corps in Vanadzor, Armenia.  There, Zane assisted local agencies in promoting international tourism, stakeholder empowerment, and product expansion.  He believes sustainable tourism practices and management have the ability to transform communities and visitors alike.  In his free time, Zane enjoys hiking, blending teas, and playing disc golf. 

Zane Hartog, fall 2021 intern at Solimar International

Kevin Lewicki is a master’s student in the Sustainable Tourism program at Arizona State University. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona in a family that greatly emphasized the importance of travel and discovering the United States and the rest of the world. This passion has led him to study tourism in his undergrad where he gained the opportunity to speak at the UNWTO Conference in Montego Bay discussing security concerns with North Korean tourism.  Kevin has worked at Walt Disney World, event technology companies, and for the biggest franchise-based hospitality company in the United States. Kevin utilizes his knowledge of instructional design to help facilitate learning in the technology field and hopes that his passion for travel and his passion for teaching can one day combine to help provide solutions in sustainable development for destinations across the world. In his free time you can find Kevin playing music, hiking and rock climbing, or enjoying a relaxing evening of tea and The Sopranos with his wife Caroline.

Kevin Lewicki, fall 2021 intern at Solimar International

Cameron Hawthorn recently graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a MA in Geography. As part of the degree, he carried out research into sustainability and the implementation of sustainable forms of transport in Scottish cities. He has a passion for travel, alongside learning and experiencing new cultures and has travelled across mainland Europe as well as within Australia and New Zealand. Cameron also spent a semester abroad studying in Wisconsin and has travelled down the East and West coast of America. His strong interest in sustainability and travel drew him to Solimar International and he believes it is the perfect place to learn and develop real-world experience in sustainable tourism.

Cameron Hawthorn, fall 2021 intern at Solimar International

Lelie is originally from Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. She is specifically described as hard-working and passionate about Sustainable Tourism Development, both for the technical strategic planning and implementation. Long time before graduating with her master’s from Tourism Studies-Gadjah Mada University in 2018, she joined the tourism industry in 2013. Over the past 8 years, her experiences working with various international companies gained her technical skill to be able to work in various cases, especially in Inter Island Development, Community Empowerment, Local Product Development, Vocational School, Sustainable Tourism Observatory, and industry partnership, and Policy Framework for Sustainable Tourism Development. Lelie is used to work in a supply-demand approach which also covers each level of planning design, including assessment for the existing condition of destination, key-stakeholder mapping, travel pattern, potential private partnership assessment, destination assessment, demand survey, key-stakeholder engagement. Also, the most important one is monitoring evaluation for the implementation.

Lelie Liana, fall 2021 intern at Solimar International


Justin Waller, also known as Ano, currently attends North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, studying Sustainable Land and Food Systems with a concentration in Urban and Community Horticulture. They had the privilege of studying abroad in Central America with CIEE. In Mérida, Mexico he studied Spanish and the Mayan language. They also studied native bonatics at CICY. Their favorite pastimes when staying in Mérida are visiting ancient ruins and swimming in the abundant cénotes. In Monteverde, Costa Rica he spent time researching soil ecology and enjoyed many ventures in the biodiverse Rainforest. Other endeavors include interning with a local urban farm facilitated by OFTGP, Greensboro’s largest nonprofit organization. In the summer of 2021, he interned as a research assistant for North Carolina A&T’s Extension Program. There they cultivated over a dozen varieties of summer crops in high tunnels. As well as conducted extensive Ginger and Black Cohosh cultivar trials. He has a passion for botany, mediation, and herbalism. Pura Vida!

Justin Waller, fall 2021 intern at Solimar International

Damian Hanshew is an undergrad at American University that is currently studying International Business. With a patriotic Polish upbringing spearheaded by his mother, cultural and social values were embedded into him at a very young age. As Damian goes through his undergrad, he is attempting to bring as much experience as possible within the growing and competitive field of business. Finding a way to fit himself into any workspace and do the job accordingly, Damian is also attempting to become as well-rounded of a member of Solimar International and to use the knowledge garnered here to further develop his Jack-Of-All-Trades skill set. As long as Damian understands what to do, it will be done!

Damian Hanshew, fall 2021 intern at Solimar International

Hayden Hamilton is an undergrad student at the University of North Texas. With a major in Integrative Studies, he ties together the disciplines of geography, communications, and marketing to try and marry his people-oriented skills with geospatial information. Growing up in Houston, and later moving to Dallas, he understands the pitfalls of suburban living and overdevelopment. He hopes in working with Solimar, he can help more people escape the norm and discover health and wellness in natural places. Outside of his classes, he enjoys hiking, reading, and making music. Of course all these can easily fall by the wayside when he’s challenged to a game of pickleball. 

Hayden Hamilton, fall 2021 intern at Solimar International

My name is Zikret Hatić, I was born on November 25, 2000. in Sarajevo, where I still live today. I am currently a third year student at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematich in Sarajevo, Department of Geography, direction of Tourism and Environmental Protection. The high school that I finished is Gazi Husrev-beg’s medresa, elementary school is Hamdija Kreševljaković. I have been working part-time for 5 years as an Imam, where I gained a lot of experience in working with people. I am a very communicative person, I love teamwork and I have very good expressed organizational skills. I like to fulfill all my obligations before the deadline. I really like nature, meeting new people, reading books.

Zikret Hatić, Solimar international intern bosnia

Lana Novalić is a third year student at the Faculty of Sciences at the Tourism and Protection of the Environment Department, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She developed passion for travel from a very young age, since her parents are also passionate world explorers.  Because of her love and interest in exploring the world, different cultures and people she decided to turn her academic and professional path in that direction. Along side her studies, she previously worked as a tourism and environment journalist on a website called ”BH putovanja” where she wrote articles mostly about interesting touristic places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, she is attending the UNWTO Quest training program serving as an intern who is helping DMO development together with Solimar and USAID.

Lana Novalić solimar international intern bosnia

My name is Almaida Mizić. I am currently on a second year of studying modern tourism practices at the Faculty of Tourism in Brežice, Slovenia. I went to a professionally oriented high school for tourism in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and decided to continue my journey down that path. I am very glad I did because tourism is connected to so many things that I enjoy, such as geography, history, culture, heritage and languages. By studying in another country, I was able to get another perspective on the tourism situation in my country and I hope one day I will get to bring all that knowledge back to my people and country. I am very glad that I got this internship opportunity and I would love to get as many experiences I can, because in my opinion, that is the best payment one could get. 

Almaida Mizić solimar international bosnia intern

My name is Sara Breko and I am currently attending my last year of Business and Management at the University of Sarajevo. During my high school studies at IB Middle Years and Diploma Program, I went on a trimester cultural exchange in Italy, organized by the American Field Service (AFS). I recognize this experience as fundamental to the construction of my wellbeing as an open-minded, pro-active, and curious person, as well as fostering a deep appreciation of cross-cultural cooperation. I am very passionate about culture, natural resources, my home country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I also have a high interest in my academic field. While a part of Solimar’s internship cohort, I look forward to networking which can open doors and allow me to combine two areas of study I am interested in. I consider myself to be a fast learner as well as a  very organized person able to execute critical thinking skills. 

Sara Breko solimar international fall intern 2021 bosnia

My name is Majra Hasanic. I am 22 years old. I am in the third year of Management and Information Technology at International Burch University. Recently, I finished two internships. The first was with the company Storsen. There, I worked as a data entry intern. The second internship was at the Addiko Bank. My hobbies include listening to music and partaking in sport, especially volleyball. In my free time, I like to learn new languages, read books, or learn something new (IT courses). Today, I am working on the USAID project in tourism with Solimar International.

Majra Hasanic solimar international fall 2021 intern bosnia
Armin is from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a geographer and aspiring tourism specialist. He is a master’s student in Tourism and Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo. Armin’s desire to expand his knowledge, polish existing and gain new skills, and apply theoretical background in practice resulted in him taking part in several valuable internships. In the future, through his work, he would like to contribute to the tourism industry in achieving resilience, responsibility, and sustainability. His main areas of interest are tourism impacts, product development, tourism planning and policies, sustainable tourism development, destination management and marketing. Armin is also passionate about history, heritage conservation, and the implementation of renewable energy sources in urban and rural development. One of his goals is to pursue a second master’s degree, as well as to become proficient in at least four languages.

armin solimar international fall 2021 intern bosnia

Please join us in welcoming our Fall 2021 sustainable tourism interns!

We are currently accepting internship applications for the next cohort. Find out how you can join our next group of talented interns.  

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“We rely confidently on Solimar's deep technical experience and professionalism as tourism consultants. You always are exceeding our expectations.”
Leila Calnan, Senior Manager, Tourism Services Cardno Emerging Markets

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