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Marketing Strategies

Comprehensive tourism marketing involves many moving parts. It’s easy to lose the forest for the trees. Each piece – communications, public relations, brand management and advertising – has its own manager, its own budget, and its own objectives. As a result, many waste time and money and see little tangible results.

Solimar develops tourism marketing strategies designed to increase your marketing efficiency by aligning every activity around clear goals and utilizing the best platforms to reach high-value target markets. We also put these strategies into action through our Integrated Marketing Program.

Solimar’s tourism marketing strategies consider traditional and digital marketing elements and focus on how to generate as much visitor revenue as possible for each marketing dollar. The strategy development process involves the best available travel market research and in-person interviews in order to create a valuable, actionable tool that can be put into use right away.

Solimar also specializes in developing niche-marketing strategies and for some of the most lucrative market segments including adventure travelers, cultural tourists, and nature enthusiasts. These niche markets are highly sought because they often stay longer, spend more and venture far outside the most visited attractions. Our partnership with groups like the Adventure Travel Trade Association and the SAVE (Scientific, Academic, Volunteer, and Educational) Travel Alliance ensure that we have the most recent data and insight on trends relevant to these markets. By thoroughly understanding motivations and preferences of these niches, we’re able to design a marketing strategy that will help you speak directly to the consumer and build valuable relationships with their influencers.

Among others, Solimar has developed and implemented niche marketing strategies to attract birding enthusiasts in Uganda, travelers looking for community tourism experiences in Ethiopia, and those interested in learning more about the artisans behind the handcrafts produced in Morocco. As part of the Namibia North American Destination Marketing Campaign, Solimar developed four distinctive online marketing campaigns focused specific groups with the greatest propensity to travel to Namibia—Experience Seekers, Curious Conservationists, Self-Challengers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

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What to Expect

  • Online Marketing Position Analysis - The success of any strategy hinges on a complete understanding of the current situation. The position analysis assesses the brand’s current online marketing activities and how the company is performing against its competition
  • Target Markets - Detailed profiles of the most valuable potential travelers
  • Brand Overview - Summary of the brand pillars as they relate to target markets.
  • Strategic Goals - An outline of the specific marketing objectives that support visitor arrival goals and a comprehensive set of key performance indicators to monitor the success of each marketing initiative.
  • Software and Systems - Recommendations of platforms and tools to best leverage marketing programs, including customer relationship management software, online marketing integration, and inventory management platforms.
  • Website Optimization - A set of website improvements website to enhance the user experience and ensure that it is found on search engines by key target markets
  • Social Media - A plan to create and engage with online communities across the platforms best designed for the destination and its markets, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Media and Public Relations - Assessment of important online and traditional media outlets and a plan for engagement through education, events, and specialized trips.
  • Cross-platform Campaigns - Concept and implementation of one to four campaigns to significantly drive awareness of a targeted component of the brand.
  • Policies and Procedures - Detailed explanation of the use of each platform.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation - Key performance indicators, targets, and monitoring methodology for each marketing initiative

Project Examples

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