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With today’s consumers researching and planning more and more of their travel online, having an engaging, well-designed website is crucial for any travel company’s survival. To succeed online, a website must implement the necessary strategies to be found by potential clients. Employing search engine optimization (SEO), using important key words and generating fresh content are all part of creating and maintaining a successful website.

Solimar creates new and improves existing websites that inform and inspire travellers. Our website design team works with tourism businesses and destinations to develop websites allowing for one-on-one consultations throughout the process ensuring the clients don’t just receive a website, but the background knowledge on how to make the site work for them over time. This educative process will point out the importance of wireframe designs, new content generation, calls-to-action and image tagging to create high-performing websites that generate sales.

Through our Geotourism Solution for destinations, Solimar also creates interactive online mapguides in partnership with National Geographic. The website encourages local residents to nominate sites, businesses and attractions that best present the destination’s authentic character and appeal.

What to Expect

  • Website Strategy and Planning Document – A website strategy is a business plan for your website. Through a collaborative process, Solimar will develop this strategy to determine website objectives, target markets, competitive analysis, traffic sources and metrics.
  • Content Management System – Solimar will implement an easy-to-use open source content management system (CMS) for tourism that is built for tourism and inbound marketing, which will allow any member of your team to make changes directly to your site without having to go through a third-party or website administrator.
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization – The best search engine optimization strategy is one that begins before a site is even created. By making sure your site incorporates SEO components upon its launch, you will ensure that it organically positions itself within the keyword phrases defined in the strategy.
  • Analytics Reporting Systems – Solimar will help you set up an analytics system that matches both your budget and your needs. It will also instruct you on the program and help you set up a baseline report and reporting schedule in order to help you track the progress of your website and online tourism marketing strategy.
  • Rich Media Integration – Solimar works to integrate fun, beautiful and interactive media (both professionally and user generated) onto your website to guarantee an enjoyable experience for visitors and encourage future conversion.
  • Social Media Integration – Social media strategies are integrated into sites ensures that valuable content is easily shareable, and that travelers have the opportunity to showcase their positive travel experiences with other online communities via your website.
  • Multi-Language Customization – Solimar has over 10 years experience creating multi-lingual sites that are tailored to the preferences of different cultures – because sometimes the use of the word “vacation” is better than the use of the word “trip.”
  • Geomapping – Geomaps are interactive features that allow customers to visually grasp almost every part of their trip from what they will see to how they will get there. Solimar can add geo map to pages of your website that will enhance the usability and design of your site for its visitors.
  • Form Creation – Solimar will help you create Calls to Action (CTA) and landing pages that identify the moments and places where you can credibly ask for personal information of your website visitors to help automate the lead nurturing process.
  • Mobile Optimization – When designing your website, Solimar ensures Responsive Design, which means your website will automatically adapt to the device it is being viewed on.
  • RSS Integration – Solimar will help you incorporate this web feed component into your site so that your site visitors can keep up-to-date with all your fresh blog posts, pictures, articles and other content.
  • Blog Integration – Solimar will help you determine the best blogging platform to use and formulate a content strategy and editorial calendar to boost your SEO ranking, gain industry authority and recognition, interact with your potential leads, and ensure the continuous generation of fresh content.

Project Examples

  • World Heritage Journeys of the European Union

    World Heritage Journeys of the European Union

    Promoting Cultural Heritage Tourism Across Europe
  • Sedona Verde Valley

    Sedona Verde Valley

    Increasing the value and importance of the river as a vital economic asset
  • US Gulf Coast States

    US Gulf Coast States

    Supporting economic growth, cultural heritage preservation, and ecological conservation in the U.S. Gulf States through sustainable tourism marketing initiatives.

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