Social Media and Digital Marketing

Social media platforms offer many of the forums where a destination or tourism product will first be discovered. Social media campaigns can also provide insight into the competition, allowing for improved communication of brand identity. Understanding how to measure and analyze social media to find the right channels and key word strategy is important to social media success.

Whether starting social media strategies from scratch or helping develop and deliver one-off campaigns, Solimar has the experience and proven capabilities to increase traffic, Likes, Shares, Comments, Tweets, Friends, Tags and more—driving eyes to your brand or website. Solimar develops strategic social media campaigns that focus on themes and linkages between the various social media forums to generate leads for tourism businesses and destinations across the web.

We help build and engage an online community of destination ambassadors with the world’s largest social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Daily content custom created for each platform as well as stories curated from local partners helps the target market piece together their understanding of the destination. One-on-one interaction improves the destination’s profile with travelers that are especially interested. Clear calls-to-action create urgency and drive the potential traveler to make a decision to book.

Solimar’s experienced social media experts can help you create a robust online presence and generate positive dialogue about your place.

What to Expect

  • Community Growth and Development– Solimar will help you to lead the conversations that build an active audience of followers. Engaging with global influencers and conversation-makers will maximize the reach of your message and generate buzz.
  • Digital Advertising– We will deploy cost-effective, hyper-targeted calls-to-action across the online properties most visited by the destination’s potential travelers.
  • Cooperative Advertising– Providing value to your local partners by matching costs and creating co-branded advertisements.
  • Social Media Campaigns– Solimar will align your messaging across all platforms with a stunning, highly-visible campaign around a core brand value, an incentive offer, or a new product.

Project Examples

  • Namibia North American Representation

    Namibia North American Representation

    Increasing Itineraries to Namibia: The Coordination of Familiarization and Press Trips for the North American Market
  • Rwanda Marketing to the East African Community

    Rwanda Marketing to the East African Community

    Developing and implementing a marketing strategy for Rwanda tourism targeting the East Africa Community (EAC) Region
  • US Gulf Coast States

    US Gulf Coast States

    Supporting economic growth, cultural heritage preservation, and ecological conservation in the U.S. Gulf States through sustainable tourism marketing initiatives.

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    “We rely confidently on Solimar's deep technical experience and professionalism as tourism consultants. You always are exceeding our expectations.”
    Leila Calnan, Senior Manager, Tourism Services Cardno Emerging Markets

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