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People travel for a variety of reasons—to explore, to relax, to experience other cultures.  But at the core of that experience lies the destination.  Solimar helps destinations put in place strategies and programs that will best tell their unique story and become an inviting host for visitors no matter the purpose of their journey.   

Tourism assessments are a vital first step in understanding the issues, identifying key stakeholders, and determining the touristic potential of any destination. Similar to a feasibility study or value chain analysis, a tourism sector assessment helps destinations and development projects plan strategically for tourism development.

Solimar believes the key to success is a strategic plan owned by those who are implementing it. We focus our efforts on participatory planning, facilitating local partners in the conceptualization of their vision, helping them to define their goals, and outlining the actions needed to achieve these goals. Through destination assessments, Solimar helps local stakeholders understand their tourism assets and plan for their optimal and sustainable use.

To complete a comprehensive destination assessment report, our skilled team will undertake desk research followed by a site visit to conduct interviews and stakeholder workshops with public and private sector stakeholders.  Once the assessment is completed, Solimar can also help execute the plan through our broad range of tourism development, training, and marketing services.  

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What to Expect

  • Partnership Engagement - Identification and engagement of the individuals and organizations that will be essential in the subsequent phases of tourism development and management
  • Participatory Planning - Solimar will work with local stakeholders to achieve their buy-in and ownership of the process, which also serves to increase awareness of sustainable tourism development opportunities and initiatives
  • Proven Methodology - The assessment team will undertake Solimar's  proven methodology to illuminate your destination’s potential as well as its areas for improvement
  • Assessment Report - At the end of this process, your destination will be left with the recommendations and action plan needed to elevate your destination to the next level. A comprehensive assessment report will include individual sections on market demand, attractions inventory, infrastructure services, tourism capacity building, socio-economic considerations, environmental considerations, value chain analysis, and recommended next steps.
  • Plan Execution - With the assessment in place, Solimar can also help provide technical assistance where necessary for successful plan execution. 

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