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Celebrate Earth Day… Everyday!

For most people, Earth Day is just another normal day. We might celebrate by posting an aesthetic earth infographic on our Instagram stories or remembering to drop our disposable water bottle in the recycling bin.

Our earth does so much for the people of this planet every single day, providing all the essentials we need to live a happy and healthy life. It deserves to be given a grander celebration than just one day a year, but instead a daily show of our appreciation that will bring us through hundreds more Earth Days to come!

At Solimar International, we celebrate Earth Day every day by developing strategies of sustainable tourism that boost local economies, preserve cultural heritage and protect the natural beauty of the destinations to keep them healthy and thriving for future generations to enjoy. 

How to Give the Earth Some Love:

Celebrating Earth Day every day can seem like a daunting task. Here are some simple ideas to get you started TODAY!

Shop Local 

One of the best ways to love our amazing planet is to support the people closest to us that keep it alive – the locals!

Shop Local on Earth Day
A locally owned business in South Dakota 

Solimar International understands this, so we work with local artisans in destinations like Morocco to increase revenue directly. Locals use this added revenue to build up and preserve their community. People who buy the goods from locals gain a greater appreciation for the destination & want to preserve the community as well. 

Obviously, not everyone can celebrate Earth Day with a trip to a Moroccan craft market, but there are many ways to support your community. Finding local businesses to support can be as simple as walking or driving around town. You can look up the local chamber of commerce for a directory of local businesses, or visit Yelp’s recently created sustainable resource hub, where users can easily look up eco-friendly small businesses in their area. 

For those who prefer online shopping over in-person shopping, try online shopping from B-Corp companies. B-Corp companies are businesses that have been certified for their commitment to positively impact our planet in measurable ways. 

Protect Nature

Earth Day is not only a time to celebrate the Earth, but every living thing on it. Species are currently undergoing the highest extinction rate in 60 million years. As citizens of Earth, we must participate in efforts to preserve the biodiversity of our planet through making sustainable choices.

The endangered Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tigers are one of the thousands of endangered species on Earth today

Solimar International is currently working with USAID in the Sundarbans to sustain the mangrove habitats biodiversity of Bengal tiger habitats and the surrounding communities. Through this project, Solimar will capitalize on the country’s natural, cultural, and historical endowments to develop a more inclusive tourism value chain that integrates local communities and maximizes conservation benefits.  

You may live far away from any Bengal Tiger habitats, but you’ve surely seen the trash scattered around local parks and nature reserves, putting animals and ecosystems in danger. It is not necessary to do a complete turnaround and start a 100% sustainable lifestyle overnight. Small and simple actions like using a reusable water bottle, participating in ecotourism for your next vacation, or watching sustainability documentaries on Netflix to educate yourself on global environment challenges, can lead to big change.

Share your Earth Day Story

Individually, our actions towards a more sustainable future may seem futile, but together our actions can lead to great change. This year, challenge yourself to share with your friends and family the ways you’ve found to celebrate Earth Day every day! 

Our Earth brings us together
Our Earth brings us together and creates life-long memories

Through our Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail project, Solimar International has discovered the power of storytelling in driving more sustainable tourism. On this website, we provide locally-owned businesses, tribal communities and nature preserves with a platform to tell their story to the world. Travelers planning trips along the Lewis and Clark Trail read these personable stories on our website and feel the desire to be part of supporting these stories. 

Sharing stories online or through conversation of the small ways you celebrate Earth Day every day is powerful. It will inspire others to live and travel sustainably, as they see examples from those they know and trust most. Just think about it– are you more likely to accept a challenge to live more eco-friendly from a random stranger or a good friend? 

Our Earth not only provides us with everything we need to live, but also ample opportunities to make memories. Hiking through thick green forests with family, swimming in a cool ocean on a warm day with friends. Protecting the Earth means creating these memories today and preserving the opportunity for future generations to do so as well. Together, we can ensure that we have hundreds more beautiful Earth Days to celebrate together!

So – what will you do to celebrate Earth Day every day?

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