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Tourism is one of the planet's largest industries, and one of the largest exports and drivers of economic growth globally. It is one of the top five exports in over 150 countries and ranks first in 60 countries. Tourism accounts for 10% of all economic activity on the planet and supports 1 in 10 jobs. In developing economies, tourism is often the main source of foreign exchange earnings and the most viable option for sustainable economic development. This is true of no other industry.

We help destinations design and manage tourism to support the following priorities:

Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
Social Inclusiveness, employment, and poverty reduction
Resource efficiency, environmental protection, and climate change
Cultural values, diversity, and heritage
Mutual understanding, peace, and security


Developing tourism in a sustainable way can be complex. Successful tourism growth is the result of an integrated approach that includes strategy, product development, education, collaboration, and marketing.

Whether we provide one service—or all of them—we are always considering big picture impacts.

Strategic Planning

Identifying a common vision and determining how to best get there.
Strategic planning is a comprehensive process for determining what a business or destination should become and the steps needed to achieve that goal. Solimar can help you and your key stakeholders develop an integrated strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus for future success.

Tourism Development

Developing tourism destinations, businesses and experiences by putting plans into action.
Solimar is committed to tourism development that creates a positive experience for local people, local businesses, and tourists themselves. We implement comprehensive programs focused on improving the quality of life for local residents without compromising the future well-being of people or the planet.

Workforce Development

Providing the tools and know-how to promote sustainable tourism growth.
Tourism is a people-oriented industry with the potential of providing jobs and income needed to revitalize local economies—particularly in developing countries. A major barrier to achieving the full potential of many destinations is a lack sufficient training options to build the capacity of their tourism professionals. A trained workforce with both theoretical and practical knowledge is necessary to provide service with the level of quality needed to attract travelers and properly develop a destination.

Destination Management

Making the protection of nature and celebration of culture economically viable.
Destination management is the coordinated management of all elements that make up a destination, including the attractions, amenities, access, marketing and pricing. Solimar assists destinations take a strategic approach to linking these sometimes very separate entities for the better management of a destination.

Destination Marketing

Inspiring travelers to blaze new paths and have a positive impact on the places they visit.
With global international tourist arrivals reaching one billion each year, and growth only expected to increase, opportunities in the tourism industry are endless. Yet many destinations and tourism businesses fail to achieve success. Why are so many destinations struggling in a climate that is ripe for tourism? Marketing is a major part of the problem, but it is also an integral part of the solution.

Destination Management and Marketing System

Combining the power of technology with Solimar’s in-depth sustainable tourism knowledge.
After working with more than 500 tourism destinations in over 100 countries, we have identified the ten main challenges faced by almost every tourism destination and developed an integrated web-based platform to overcome them. Combining the power of technology with Solimar’s in-depth sustainable tourism knowledge, this system offers destination managers and marketers a tool to help develop, manage, and market sustainable tourism destinations.


Resources and Toolkits

Solimar is a global leader in sustainable tourism development. Learn from our experience with case studies and toolkits that we have compiled from our work in over 500 destinations.

“We rely confidently on Solimar's deep technical experience and professionalism as tourism consultants. You always are exceeding our expectations.”
Leila Calnan, Senior Manager, Tourism Services Cardno Emerging Markets

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