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Measuring Tourism Impacts

Our tourism projects realize results across various industries and development fields. The impacts of a thriving tourism industry are seen across agriculture, construction, transportation and export sectors. The impact on growth brings positive benefits to the economy, society and environment in dynamic ways. Given Solimar’s expertise in tourism, we maintain the most current tools, insights, methodologies and innovative technologies used to measure the impact of tourism across sectors and development outcomes.

Solimar specialists in tourism, conservation, business, economics and development measure and analyze the impacts of our work from various perspectives. With precision and sector-specific insight we measure such impacts as revenue and livelihood impacts for tourism SMEs, changes in conservation threat levels, online marketing effectiveness, media coverage, national tourism industry growth, agriculture sales valuations among others.

Solimar’s has industry knowledge and experience working with multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors, foundations, large and small private sector clients and has a thorough understanding of the indicator measurement practices across these industries. Solimar has worked for clients including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the World Bank and understands each organizations management and performance measurement frameworks.

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What to Expect

  • Baseline Analysis – very few destinations begin at zero, in terms of visitors, average length of stay, and average daily spend. Solimar provides the tools, technical assistance and training to establish the baseline needed to evaluate real impact.
  • Economic Impact Analysis – to measure results, in terms of direct and impacts of visitor spending on a destination
  • Social Impact Analysis – social impacts are measured through a system of surveys and analysis of secondary data to measure number of jobs created, changes in household incomes, resident attitudes towards tourism, among other metrics
  • Environmental Impact Analysis - through Economic Impact Assessments, wildlife and human/wildlife conflict monitoring, land management metrics, and a variety of other tools, Solimar can provide the training, tools and assistance needed to measure the direct and indirect impacts of activities aimed at improving environmental management and destination stewardship.
  • Market Demand Analysis and Intelligence - Solimar will prepare market intelligence reports that include the latest inbound visitor statistics, tourism trends, forecasts, and analysis on the demand for the destination to help industry stakeholders with strategic and operational decisions.

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