Tourism Destination Development Corps

Looking for an unparalleled opportunity to gain real world experience in the unique intersection between tourism and international development industries?

***We are currently recruiting for our Timor-Leste placement to leave in late August. Apply here!***

Solimar International is launching the tourism development field placement program for passionate individuals to spend several months in emerging destinations living and collaborating with local destination development organizations (DMOs).

This program is aimed at students and young professionals seeking a more engaging experience than just a volunteer or internship position abroad, as you will be expected to have a high level of independence working directly with local destination professionals.

Spanning five continents (and vastly different climates and cultures), here are our current host organizations:

  • Atáuro Island, Timor-Leste (early fall 2022 departure)
  • Destination Dahar, Tunisia (early fall 2022 departure)
  • Sundarbans Reserved Forest, Bangladesh
  • Liberia
  • Maldives

For further information on each of the projects, please check out the projects tab on our website. 

What is a DMO? 

Each of our placements is in support of a local Destination Management Organization (DMO) – you might also know them as Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) or tourism centers. These are the organizations that responsibly manage and market tourism through strategic tourism operations. They are always thinking of how they can position the destination towards greatest success… and you can be a part of that process!

For more information, read our blog explaining the significance of these organizations.

What will you be doing? 

Each placement is different! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our projects, so you can learn about our deliverables, goals, and primary activities.

Your day-to-day tasks will vary, depending on the immediate needs of the DMO. Generally, you will be working to write content, manage social media, help manage inquiries, manage communication with members, and possibly support the development of new products to be offered.

All projects are fundamentally rooted in the same mission: This is a unique chance to integrate into a host country DMO, working on a tourism project that has truly meaningful impact. You will be an on-the-ground intermediary, working with Solimar in addition to your sponsor destination management organization.

We are looking for true trailblazers who are also excited to help set up this in-country program for future participants. 


  • Become an expert in DMO development training through Solimar’s expert guidance and resources
  • Gain practical development experience that will prepare you to pursue employment in destination development, strategic planning, or the general tourism industry
  • Invaluable professional connections in the DMO and sustainable tourism field
  • Work in a unique, emerging destination not on the traditional tourist path
  • Receive guidance from Solimar, one of the world’s leading sustainable tourism consultancies
  • Gain practical and theoretical knowledge of both the tourism and development industries by working with a cutting-edge initiative
  • Leave a meaningful contribution that will benefit the local communities you will be working with
  • Enjoy your free time exploring the beautiful host country you are placed in (we know there’s a big chance you love to travel!)

Required Skills

  • Someone eager to create a meaningful, longstanding, and sustainable volunteering program
  • High levels of flexibility: some details of this project could change because of the nature of the role and we are looking for an all-star who thrives under these circumstances
  • Experience in Tourism, Communication, Graphic Design, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Journalism, or Media Management
  • Demonstrated organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Exceptionally flexible in accepting living conditions you might be unaccustomed to in your home country
  • Culturally sensitive: applicants should enjoy working in a new thrilling new context, with people of other cultures that might be different your home countries 

Additional Desired Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree at minimum
  • Proficiency in local language – language skills directly contribute to personal and professional satisfaction during your placement. These skills are critical to your job performance, help you integrate into your community, and can ease your personal adaptation to the new surroundings.
  • Willingness to engage with local language 
  • Experience working in DMOs

Placement Orientation and Support

To ensure you are positioned towards success, your placement commences with several weeks of digital orientation and training to brief you on life in-country. During this period, you will be assigned materials to aid your understanding of the project, the local area, and the local tourism context. Additionally, members of the Solimar team have previously visited your placement site and will provide guidance and advice regarding life on the ground, budgeting, health, and behavioral expectations. Before you arrive, you will also meet your host DMO, who will provide you with additional information as to how to prepare for life in their country. Upon arrival, the DMO staff will be your go-to people. These are experienced tourism professionals who can teach you enormous amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will I depart? 

We are still setting up the opportunities in most of our placements, so those will be unveiled later. For those ready to embark ASAP, we are recruiting for Tunisia and Timor-Leste for an immediate departure in summer 2022. If you are looking for a fall departure, please look into one of our other programs.  

How long will my placement be? 

We ask for a commitment of at least three months at your host site. Preference will be given to those who can stay longer. 

Who will be supervising my placement? 

Your position will be jointly supervised by the Solimar International team based in Washington D.C. and the staff in your host DMO

How much will this experience cost? 

This is an unpaid position, and you will be expected to cover your own food, accommodation, and transport costs during your field placement. There may also be an administrative charge depending on the placement destination. In special circumstances, scholarships might be available depending on our in-country arrangement.

Interested in embarking on this life-changing field experience? We are currently recruiting for our Timor-Leste placement. Please fill out this form to apply.

If you would rather work with us remotely, learn more about our remote internship program here. You can work on our projects from anywhere in the world! 

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