Southern Tanzania Marketing Plan & Materials – Stakeholder Consultation and Feedback

Informed by field visits, stakeholder interviews, tourist interviews, and more, Solimar International created a detailed and action oriented five-year marketing and promotional strategy on behalf of the World Bank-funded Resilient Natural Resource Management for Tourism and Growth Project (REGROW). This strategy will help ensure that Southern Tanzania becomes a well-known tourism hub and positions itself as a leading destination in Africa among tour operators, travel agents, and tourists.

Improved marketing of the region is one of the quickest and most effective ways to promote rapid transformative growth of the tourism sector in southern Tanzania. We are looking for the input of public/private sector leaders to solidify the final strategy and brand. Thank you for your participation in this validation process.

For more information about each document and the overall goal of the strategy, watch Solimar International and the TTB’s webinar presentation below or click here to access the PowerPoint file:


The feedback period is now closed as the Solimar team works to finalize the deliverables below:

  1. The Southern Marketing and Promotion Strategy draft:

This detailed document is an extensive overview of the proposed marketing methods to turn Southern Tanzania into a better known tourism destination. It is broken down into seven sections: context, branding strategy, target market, strategies, channels & activities, action plan, and marketing budget. It also contains background regarding all of the other deliverables.

  1. The Cultural Tourism Marketing Strategy draft:

This document focuses on the cultural tourism experience strategy in five sections: the situation analysis, the opportunity, audience, strategies, and activities. It is not limited to Southern Tanzania, proposing a national brand that encompasses the entire country.

  1. The Southern Tanzania Visitor Guide draft:

The Southern Tanzania Visitors Guide aims to reinforce the brand and capture more target market attention as they are drawn in by the compelling stories and corresponding images. The pages are diverse, using first-person narratives, visual statistics, traveller correspondence, interviews, third-person place descriptions, and high-quality images as primary tactics.

  1. Park brochures

In addition to the visitors guide for the entire region, individual park brochures have also been created, highlighting four anchor attractions. Each brochure contains an introduction to the park, a description of the wildlife, practical information about visiting, answers to frequently asked questions, and tips for spotting game. Complementing the text is engaging photos, taken by professional photographers. On the back of each brochure is a map of the national park, building off the current ones used by TANAPA.

  • Mikumi brochure


  • Ruaha brochure


  • Nyerere brochure

  • Udzungwa brochure

  1. Links to the longer videos

  1. Links to the shorter videos

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Dr. Josephat Kweka at [email protected] or Elirehema N. Maturo at [email protected].

Thank you for helping shape the future of Tanzanian tourism!

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