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Social Media Campaigns

Social media platforms offer many of the forums where a destination or tourism product will first be discovered. Social media campaigns can also provide insight into the competition, allowing for improved communication of brand identity. Understanding how to measure and analyze social media to find the right channels and key word strategy is important to social media success.

Whether starting social media strategies from scratch or helping develop and deliver one- off campaigns, Solimar has the experience and proven capabilities to increase traffic, Likes, Shares, Comments, Tweets, Friends, Tags and more—driving eyes to your brand or website. Solimar develops strategic social media campaigns that focus on themes and linkages between the various social media forums to generate leads for tourism businesses and destinations across the web.

  • Blogs are one of the primary ways people learn about travel options. Blogging is about people sharing their personal experiences and insights and engaging others in thoughtful conversation. Blog readers seek out this kind of expertise and interaction; compared to advertising that tends to get tuned out. The most successful bloggers are able to consistently provide value through relevant content and enjoyment for the reader through compelling writing. Blogs are most often found through organic search results, subscriptions and then through reposts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

    Solimar International manages blogging strategies, developing and disseminating articles that are read and reacted to with increased traffic to client's websites. Our
    articles result in heightened brand awareness and sales leads for our clients.
  • Facebook. With over 900 million people on Facebook, if a company doesn't have a Facebook page, it is greatly narrowing its potential web visibility. There are, on average, over 3.2 billion comments made on Facebook each day, spreading valuable word-of-mouth marketing for the businesses that are managing their Facebook presence correctly.

    Solimar helps tourism businesses and destinations build their Facebook fan base. By engaging these potential clients overtime, Solimar helps build brand loyalty and in- turn creates positive word of mouth that drives sales.
  • Twitter helps companies expand their brand reach and build relationships with customers through open conversations. Just having these conversations will not increase sales, however, and tourism businesses and destinations must have a well- planned strategy based on market and competition research to effectively engage on Twitter. Just as with all other online content, Twitter content must respect key word strategies to increase click through rates and increase search engine optimization.

    Solimar International can help your business increase followers while building meaningful brand recognition and leads. Keeping Tweets recent, important and relevant is key to success. Solimar's team of marketing professionals manages this content for its clients, ensuring up-to-date and vibrant content that stands out from the crowd.
  • Linked In is the professional's social media group, geared more for networking that socializing. More and more business-to-business relationships are formed via LinkedIn through forums under the Groups and Answers applications. In the tourism industry, LinkedIn can be especially useful for linking lodges and inbound operators to outbound operators and corporate clients.

    Solimar International helps businesses set up appropriate engagement strategies with LinkedIn accounts. By focusing on interactions such as answering industry questions and participating in discussions, Solimar helps to form meaningful relationships that create real leads.
  • Flickr is traditionally considered a hub for image storage and management, but
    with over 40 million users and its heavily indexed results in search engines, it is an important tool for search engine optimization. When photos are properly titled, tagged, described, linked and shared with relevant groups on Flickr, the photos, and your business, become more visible.

    Solimar understands the importance of image management for the tourism industry and uses Flickr to improve the visibility of businesses and destinations. If a picture is worth a thousand words, using Flickr for a tourism business can make a picture worth a thousand leads.
  • YouTube. Posting videos to promote tourism businesses and destination through YouTube can be a powerful marketing tool. How better to market to tourists than by giving them a glimpse into what they can experience? YouTube is now the number one area for growth in social media marketing.

    Creating meaningful videos for YouTube can be an investment and must be properly planned and executed. Solimar International helps tourism businesses and destinations drive sales by creating effective YouTube content that is both informative and entertaining.


Download a Fact Sheet on the Friend-A-Gorilla Social Media Campaign


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Blogging for
Travel and Tourism



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“Solimar is one of our most valued small business partners. They are flexible, responsive, and strategic."

-Adam Noyce, New Business Director
Chemonics International

“Solimar fills a strategic gap for really professional global consulting companies specialized in sustainable tourism. Their team includes world-renowned specialists with an extremely diversified experience, with a problem-solving attitude and flexibility that surpassed all our expectations."

-Oliver Hillel, Program Officer
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

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