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Land Use Planning & Ecolodge Architecture

Solimar has partnered with HM Design to provide land use planning and ecolodge design and architecture services. HM Design is a unique one-of-a-kind physical planning and design firm which practices its very own quadruple bottom line philosophy – one that balances economic, environmental, social and spiritual aspects for every project. The firm is a specialty eco-land planning and eco-design office. The President, Hitesh Mehta has built projects and consulted in over 57 countries spanning six continents and is a multi-international award winner in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental planning, Urban Planning and Design, Interior Design and Photography.

Design in this global age of heightened cultural and environmental sensitivity needs to be all-encompassing and holistic in nature and sustainable in all aspects of the planning and design process. In every project, HM Design tries to create an eco-plan or eco-design that have never been created before. Each plan and design is a response to the local context: physical, metaphysical and cultural. All HM Design projects have a respect for animals, plants, local people and the spirit of the place. The approach right from the outset is that of low-impact development. This stewardship-motto of taking care of Mother Earth and all the species that inhabit on it begins right on day one and continues into construction supervision.

Solimar is a member of the Public Use Planning Global Heritage Consortium, which unites people and organizations around the world dedicated to introducing emerging paradigms into the heritage management and planning fields. PUP brings together diverse disciplines within its membership to help partners explore new attitudes about the role of stakeholders and decision-making; it arms them with tools and processes and introduces new visions of planning, managing, organizational learning, and power-sharing. It also encourages sites to adopt policies, technologies, and institutions capable of adapting in an uncertain world.

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What to Expect

  • Local Empowerment – Integrated, multi-disciplinary and participatory approaches in the planning and design process and one that recognizes local knowledge and uses it wisely in the design.
  • Trusted Planning & Design Methodologies – to bring your ideas to life, we will implement processes that have been endorsed not by UNESCO as well as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and the African Wildlife Fund.
  • Physical Master Plans - our plans address tourism development opportunities that have a sustainable balance between conservation and development.
  • Investment Promotion – comprehensive planning and development reports that can be included with business plans to help attract investors.
  • End-to-End Services - that include conceptual and schematic plans, design development, construction drawings as well as bidding negotiations and construction supervision.
  • Substance over Aesthetics - Solimar and HM Design will develop a plan that is not only beautiful in design but also considers the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of the place.

Project Examples

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“Solimar is one of our most valued small business partners. They are flexible, responsive, and strategic."

-Adam Noyce, New Business Director
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