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Marketing Ebooks

Inbound-Marketing-for-the-Travel-and-Tourism-IndustryInbound Marketing for the Travel and Tourism Industry

This Ebook covers a growing trend in marketing that will help you attract more customers and grow your business.  Inbound marketing is a departure from traditional marketing, which focuses heavily on untargeted mass scale advertisement and promotion.  Instead, inbound marketing is a very targeted process of providing valuable content that your consumer will find and which will eventually motivate them to buy your services or product.

Blogging-for-Travel-and-TourismBlogging for Travel and Tourism

Blogging is an integral part of any content strategy—it helps you with search engine optimization (SEO), it helps with social news and networking sites, and it allows you to take part in the conversation. This Ebook will help you become aware of how blogging works best in a travel and tourism context, and help you to develop your own blogging strategy.

4-Tips-and-19-Tricks-for-Building-Brand-Loyalty4 Tips and 19 Tricks for Building Brand Loyalty

Todays travel industry offers countless options for transportation providers, accommodations, and tour operators.  This Ebook will give your business some tips on how to develop that sought-after brand loyalty—a relationship that keeps customers coming back and encourage their friends to do the same. 

How-to-Develop-Travel-Content-that-Inspires-and-ConvertsHow to Develop Travel Content that Inspires and Converts

Effective marketing starts with great content.  This Ebook was designed to address the challenge of producing engaging content.  Whether you just opened your tour operator or are having trouble getting people to come to your destination, this guide will help you develop the content that converts online visitors to customers.

Using-Flickr-to-Promote-Your-Travel-BusinessUsing Flickr to Promote Your Travel Business

Flickr is a social media community with users uploading and sharing over 7 billion photos to date.  From a marketing perspective, Flickr can help your business get found, help you establish authority, and most importantly, keep your customers engaged while they are there and after they leave. Download this Ebook to learn how to integrate Flickr into your blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed while increasing your general online visibility through the simple optimization of your photos.

Travel-and-Tourism-Review-Sites-and-ForumsTravel and Tourism Review Sites and Forums

Research shows that online reviews (through websites such as are very important to consumers. This Ebook will help you learn why consumers are increasingly relying on online reviews, and why it’s critical that your travel and tourism business or organization is responsive and seeks to generate positive reviews. 

Website-Design-for-Travel-and-TourismWebsite Design for Travel and Tourism

Your website is your virtual storefront and an essential component of any marketing strategy.  This Ebook is dedicated to design techniques for your travel website that will help you get found online.

Other Tourism Resources

The-Tourism-Assessment-ProcessThe Tourism Assessment Process

This resource will guide you through the three main components of the tourism assessment process with the goal of determining the touristic potential of a destination. Learn how to involve local stakeholders,how to most effectively conduct individual assessments based on thematic areas, and how to review the assessment findings to identify major impacts and opportunities.

20-Characteristics-of-a-Good-Guide20 Characteristics of a Good Guide

A guide can make or break the experience of a guided tour. A professional tour guide is able to create a rich and rewarding experience through local knowledge and story telling.  Learn more about what other characteristics make a good tour guide in this downloadable resource.

“We rely confidently on Solimar's deep technical experience and professionalism as tourism consultants. You always are exceeding our expectations.”

-Leila Calnan, Senior Manager, Tourism Services
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